Romain Goffe

Open Source projects

Most of these projects are available through my github profile.

Visualization tools

Matrix viewer

  • Description: Graphical frontend to OpenCV matrices that allows to visualize and edit them as tabular or image data.
  • Key words: Image editor; Data manipulation; OpenCV;
matrix viewer

Benchmark viewer

  • Description: Visualize the execution of an application as a timeline of operations.
  • Key words: Benchmark; Timeline; Performance; Profiler;
benchmark viewer

Songbook project


  • Description: Engine for LaTeX songbooks.
  • Key words: Songbook; LaTeX;


  • Description: Database of transcribed songs with guitar chords.
  • Key words: Sheet music; Lyrics; Typography; Guitar;


  • Description: Graphical frontend that allows to write songs and compile them into formatted documents.
  • Key words: Database; Code editor; Sheet music editor;


Open de Bloc de Grenoble

  • Description: Promotional and registration website for annual climbing contest.
  • Key words: Web design; Online registration; Climbing;
Open de Bloc de Grenoble