Romain Goffe

Teaching activities

A more detailed description of my teaching activities is available in this document (written in french).

2011 - 2012 UPPA (Pau, France)

Degree Specialization Course Hours
Master Web technologies Networks and Quality of Service (Netfilter/iptables, Traffic Control) 9
Master Web technologies J2EE components and web services (JavaBeans, Java Message Service, Java Persistence API) 21
Master Image processing Computer graphics (openGL) 20
B.Sc Computer Sc. Object-oriented programming (Inheritance, templates, exceptions, design patterns) 31
B.Sc Computer Sc. C programming (gcc, gdb, STL, cmake, git) 39
B.Sc Physics Software engineering (UML, toolkits, Q&A) 30
B.Sc Chemistry/Biology Introduction to Computer Science (Linux systems, xhtml/css) 39

2010 - 2011 ENSICAEN (Caen, France)

Degree Specialization Course Hours
B.Sc Chemical Sc. Introduction to programming (C, Algorithmic) 28
B.Sc Computer Sc. Software tools for developers (C, Makefile, Shell) 22
B.Sc Computer Sc. Operating systems and networks (Forks, Pipes, Threads, TCP/IP) 27
B.Sc Computer Sc. Java and Object-oriented programming (Eclipse, Java SE) 24
B.Sc Computer Sc. Project: Audio analysis and processing (FFTW, Spectral analysis) 8
B.Sc Computer Sc. Graphical User Interfaces (Qt Framework) 18
B.Sc Computer Sc. Compilation (Lexical and grammatical analysis (Lex/Yacc)) 10